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Imaging you are with your best buddies in a college town craving for a nice batch of cold beers. Where to go ? What to drink? !

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Main Features

“24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case. Coincidence?” -Stephen Wright
Bierdar is a location-based, iBeacon-enabled application that aims to offer an answer to the age-old question, where is the beer?

Location-based Beer finding

Bierdar simply shows you if a beer opportunity is close by. Under the hood is Bierdar is an informal social network of random encounters with likeminded people around the theme of beer.


While a radar uses electromagnetic waves to detect and locate objects, the Bierdar uses Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons. When a beer is near, the Bierdar will display a small beer and when you are closing in the Bierdar will display a larger beer.


Find beer that is around you. Easily helping you get a delicious and freshly brewed cold-one for your drinking pleasure.Easy on the battery and fun on the eyes, Bierdar is the tool that helps you!

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Features at a Glance

There are a lot of things Bierdar can do for you. But Bierdar is more. It aims to build a better community that is innovative, engaged, and thriving.


Bierdar is helping you finding friends that like to drink a beer with you easier.


Meet new people with a common interest around you.


Spend more time with an activity that you can enjoy. Drinking Beer. Enough said.

Easy to Use

A simple, elegant and intuitive interface with effective feedback provides help as you drink along.


Walking around aimlessly in a city trying to find that one bar that group of friends.


Don't waste time, just focus on what is important. Beer.


Bierdar runs on your iPhone, so a good drinking advice comes with you wherever you are.

Smart Nation

Tenqyu supports Singapore's Smart Nation initiative because it is the right thing to do.

Meet The Team

Meet the wonderful team that builds or not this solution for you.



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Andrew Cohen

Pizza delivery for I.C Wiener?

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Bierdar is available in the Apple App store and the best thing is... for free!

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